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Did you know that having the best blender for Smoothies is a blessing in disguise in today’s’ world? Moreover, the blenders are productive and super-versatile instruments for health in such a pandemic situation of 2020.

Apart from this, most people use their blenders for different purposes, such as blending, grinding, mixing and chop contents into salsa, or heating up vegetables into soups. However, most of them use their blender for one main purpose: making healthy smoothies.

If you are looking to have a blender for the early morning smoothies, then you do not require the most powerful machine. You just need one blender that can blend, cut, and pulverize fruits, ice, and strongest respectively in a good way. Furthermore, finding the best suitable blender for smoothies is not impossible, however it is a tough task. Because hundreds of similar items are available in the market to choose from.

Hence, it becomes too difficult a process for you to find the best one either for your kitchen or for your entertainment. In short words, always take decisions after good research and consultations with experts. That is why, to find a collection of the best smoothie blender, we met and spoke with wellness experts and chefs, and also smoothie fanatics.

Best Blender for Smoothies:

It is obvious, who does not like well-textured and perfect smoothies? However, blending slushies and smoothies with average blenders is not an easy task. In other words, you must need to have a well quality blender for that purpose. Henceforth, the best blender is the one that makes the texture smooth. Also, the froth must be fluffy and have no large ice chunks. Therefore, having the best and quality blender for smoothies will turn everything easy for you.

Think about it: not only a fine blender will give you the best results, but also it saves you costly time.

In the end, to make things simple for you we have already reviewed and researched the top 5 Best Blender for Smoothies in the market.

1.Magic Bullet Blender

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Nutri Bullet Magic blender is the best choice for those who want to purchase a small size blender. While it has 13 pieces of food processor and a personal blender in its accessories. Moreover, it can Mix, Blend, whip, and grind very well due to the mixer system and powerful motor.

Even further, it is very versatile in performance and user-friendly as well. Additionally, its Food Processor and Bullet Blender take small counter space while giving maximum variety and speed. Therefore, make the perfect milkshakes and smoothies, pureed soups, and frozen cocktails super easily.

Most importantly, it is easy to clean and contains dishwasher-safe components. Furthermore,

Its top facility is the time-saving work efficiency due to its specially made unique bullet shape and blade. Above all, special design and hardened blades create a cyclonic cycle to attract all the ingredients towards the blade. In a nutshell, this Magic Bullet Blender can blend anything in seconds, so you can spend more time with your loved ones.

Key Features:

  • Versatility: The Magic Bullet blends, mixes, chops, grinds, whips and more easily, only with a slight twist of the wrist.
  • Easy to use: It is easy to use as well. Only you need to put ingredients into the cup, place on the power base, and press the button. In no time your smoothies or other material is prepared.
  • Hassle-Free-Cleanup: While washing, simply put water and a little amount of soap. Also, the cups are dishwasher safe.
  • Recipes guide: Additionally, it’s recipe guide will help you to make easy, quick, delicious dishes with complete guidance and instructions:
  • Accessories: It’s 13-pieces set includes Blender, Blades, Cups, Recipe Guide and many more. So, not only it provides you with the best accessory for smoothies only, but also it provides the best accessories.
  • Modes: Frozen Cocktails, Smoothies, Milkshakes

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In the aftermath of key features, now we will discuss its pros and cons.

  • Powerful Motor
  • Versatile in performance
  • Portable
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for Smoothie
  • Recipe Guide
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Different modes
  • No heat facility
  • Produces some noise

Product Technical Detail:

Brand Name NutriBullet
Item model number MBR-1101
Product Dimensions 4.01 x 4.48 x 11.61 inches
Colour Silver
Item Weight 4.70 lbs
Material Plastic
Motor 200 watt
Special Features Recipe guide, Dishwasher safe material, Different modes
Customer Reviews 4.3 out of 5 stars and 11, 471 customer ratings
Best Seller Rank # 22 in kitchen and Dining

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2. Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

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Likewise, Magic Bullet, The Vitamix 750 also holds the fine quality standard. Also, many home kitchens and professional chefs thanks to its durability, versatility, and high power system. Even further, its Preset programs setting is amazing and all customers love it. Because they work differently for everything from soups to frozen desserts, and especially for smoothies.

Furthermore, it also provides a manual setting at normal speed except preset setting.

Apart from all the features, it has a Pulse setting for quicker bursts of power which is above all the features. Not only that, but the Vitamix also gives a large container. That container helps you to make something enough for a large number of people. Additionally, in the same fashion as the Magic blender, it also heats up numerous things.

According to our expert research, it produces friction between blades and ingredients due to fast speed even without a stove. Most importantly, you will definitely love it, because of its self-cleaning feature. Moreover, alongside the other features, it cleans itself only in 30 to 60 seconds.

In a nutshell, Vitamix Professional Series 750 is perfect for family and entertaining meals. Even more, this quality motor works gracefully and comfortably for a long period of time.

Key Features:

  • High-performance and power motor: 2.2 horsepower motor blends heavy frozen, fruit powder, and all the greens. Even more, it turns the tough ingredients into smooth blends.
  • Low-Profile 64 Ounce large Container: It is specially manufactured for a large group of people. Therefore, you only need to put your ingredients into the container and ready to start.
  • Accurate Container Design: Every angle of the patented container is manufactured to bring the ingredients back to blades for smoother, faster blends. This pattern creates Vitamix Vortex.
  • Variable Speed Plus Pulse: This professional series provides you with the best controlling system. You will only have to adjust the speed to get a variety of textures. Additionally, the Pulse feature produces quick bursts of power.
  • Programs Settings: As earlier mentioned, 5 pre-programmed settings deliver walk-away convenience, easy cleaning, and consistent results year after year.
  • Hardened Stainless- Steel Blades: Uniquely, its laser-cut blades are designed to give the same quality results, from its 1st blend to the last blend. Further, the blades are high in quality and resistant to dulling or bending.
  • Blade Friction heating: Just in six minutes! Its hardened blades produce friction heat. And, convert cold particles into hot ones.
  • Self-cleaning: Only put a hot drop of dish soap and water into the container. Then run the machine at suitable speed. Certainly, you will be surprised, after knowing that the machine will clean the jug only in 60 seconds. Therefore, no disassembly is required.
  • Durability: Vitamix Blenders are engineered and assembled in the USA, even further, built to last.
  • Modes: smoothies, hot soups, frozen desserts, purees.

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Now, we will discuss its pros and cons for the purpose of a better understanding of this blender.

  • Quality material
  • Simple to use
  • Large Container
  • Useful for different modes
  • Powerful motor
  • Easy Controlling system
  • Designed Temper
  • Self-cleaning
  • Unfriendly to Dishwasher

Product Technical Detail:

Brand Name Vitamix
Product Dimensions 8.5 x 17.25 x 8.5 inches
Colour Black
Item Weight 13 pounds
Body Material / Blade Material Plastic / Stainless Steel
Power 2.2 Horsepower
Special Features High-performance motor, self-cleaning, Controlling System, Different modes
Customer Reviews 4.7 out of 5 and 210 customer Ratings
Best Seller Rank #54 in CounterTop Blenders

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3. Oster Pro Blender for Smoothies

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The Oster blender is compact and perfect to use as a single smoothie blender. While also, blending just suits better with this blender. Further, it offers you to make everything delicious and fresh via its high performance and a large range of versatility. As compared to the Magic blender, it has a powerful motor. Even, it starts up with 1200 power watts that give it an extra boost.

That is why, it can blend tough ingredients like greens, ice, and other frozen ingredients very easily. Except for its high power, it’s smart manual setting gives you quick blending. To illustrate, smart settings are perfectly programmed to blend the perfect milkshakes, smoothies, and salsas as well. Most importantly, its wide base allows ingredients to move freely even down to the blade.

Above all, the latest dual direction technology of blade spins the blades in forward and reverse motion. Apart from all, it features 7 different speeds along with pulse control to fit every blending need. In its accessories, it has 2 pitcher jars of 48-oz and 24-oz as a glass pitcher and smoothie cup respectively.

Key Features:

  • Smart Settings Technology: 3Smart settings including 7 different speeds help you to create your own creation during the blending process. Further including settings for salsas, milkshakes, and smoothies.
  • Dual Direction Technology: Surprisingly, its dual direction blade technology spins the blade uniquely in forwarding and backward directions. Furthermore, this technology also helps the blades to extract all the nutrients completely from the food.
  • Wide Base: Above all, the wide base gives maximum space to the ingredients to move freely around and under the blades. So, it blends everything with precision and accuracy.
  • Powerful motors: While its two motors of 1200 watts and 900-watts motors perform every job nicely.
  • Accessories: It includes a pitcher jar and smoothie cup for carrying other things and smoothies respectively.
  • Modes: Ice blending, Green, Smoothies – These feature provides you with extra control over blender during blending.

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Now, we will tell you about often overlooked points of pros and cons.

  • Strong motor
  • Dual spin technology
  • Different speed and manual settings
  • Pulse control
  • Wide base facility
  • Accessories
  • Sturdy and stable
  • A little bit hard to clean

Product Technical Detail:

Brand Name Oster
Product Dimensions 8.5 x 10.15 x 13.9 inches
Colour Brushed Nickel
Item Weight 7 pounds
Material /  Jar Size Plastic / 48-0z, 24-oz
Motor 1200 watts, 900 watts
Special Features 7 speeds, 3 manual settings, the blade spins dual technology
Customer Reviews 4.4 out of 5 stars and 3042 customer ratings
Best Seller Rank #122 in Kitchen and Dining

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4. NutriBullet NBR-Best for Healthy Life

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The NutriBullet System is quite easy and simple, the fine products out there. Further, it is portable, easy to use, safe for kids and effortlessly pulverizes fruits, protein shakes, vegetables into a smooth texture. While, except for safety, its patented blades, power and cyclonic action do work altogether to extract all nutrients from food.

In this way, it helps you to get the healthiest lifestyle. Most importantly, to gain the most out of life, you have to get the most out of the food. Above all, it has everything you need in a blender that will ultimately lead you towards an active lifestyle. In the same fashion, Nutrient extraction is its secret feature.

Also, it does fine blending that especially turns simple food into Superfood. Apart from its benefits, its features powerful motor and sharp blades blend vegetables, fruits, and many more into nutritious smoothies. Put into other words, it is delicious and simply provides key nutrients to your body. In a nutshell, just twist, push and blend to make any smoothie only in less than 60 seconds.

Key Features:

  • Only with NutriBullet: Meet the real and original NutriBullet, is compact, yet powerful for personal use. Clearly, you just need to select what goes in, so you get healthful nutrients out of every ingredient.
  • Essential Design: Above all, Its intuitive and simple design makes it useful for everyday use. Simply, just push, twist and blend. And your required smoothie is prepared.
  • Powerful Motor: In addition to its features, a powerful 600-watt motor and hardened blades blend all the ingredients into liquid fuels.
  • Hassle-free cleaning: You just need to twist the blade, wash with soap and water, and put the parts in the top rack of the dishwasher.
  • Stainless Steel Blades: Powerful blades extract nutrients out of the whole food completely. Also, blades use cyclonic action to break down the hard ingredients.
  • High-performance: BPA-free plastic cups are durable and long-lasting. So, you enjoy the benefits of this blender for a long period of time.
  • Modes: Blends, Shredder, Chops, Grinds
  • Accessories: Finally, in accessories, it includes Extractor blades, high torque Power Base, and Milling Blade for nutrient extraction. Furthermore, it has a set of 2 short cups and 1 tall cup for blending different ingredients into juices. Lastly, a user manual and Cookbook help you to make delicious smoothies and juices every day.

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In the same fashion, Next, we will also discuss its pros and cons, so you get complete information about this product.

  • Special blades
  • 600-watt of powerful motor
  • High-performance
  • Complete set of accessories
  • Beautiful design
  • Portable and durable
  • Simple in use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Cyclonic action to break hard ingredients
  • Not useful for a larger group of people
  • Less versatile

Product Technical Detail:

Brand Name NutriBullet
Product Dimensions 12.87 x 9 x 13 inches
Blender Material /  The material of Jar Polycarbonate / Plastic (BPA-Free)
Item Weight 7.05 pounds
Material /  Jar Size / Capacity Plastic / 48-0z, 24-oz / Up to 24 oz.
Motor 600 watt
Special Features BPA-free material, Dishwasher safe parts, Powerful motor | Accessories: 12-piece set
Customer Reviews 4.3 out of 5 stars and 16,262 customer ratings
Best Seller Rank # 270 in kitchen and Dining

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5. COSORI C700-PRO Smoothie-Blender

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The KitchenAid blender is powerful and versatile while ready for any challenge as well. In a brief explanation, its powerful blending system gives the ultimate blending results to stir, puree, mix, chop and liquefy. Additionally, it features crush ice mode and pulse 1-5 settings. In general, it is a robust and sturdy motor alongside the heavy metal base to give smooth blending all over.

Further, its 1500 watts’ motor, BPA-free pitcher, digital electronic control and stainless steel blades create a powerful vortex altogether. Even more, this vortex extracts every single nutrient from your ingredients. Apart from the button setting, adjusting the knob also helps you to set the speed of blades. Moreover, a 70-oz BPA-free pitcher jar has enough size to fulfil the needs of various events. Additionally,

Intelli-Speed Control senses ingredients and adjusts the optima speed to burst through all ingredients. Alongside with all amazing features, this wonderful blender has only one set of cutting blades at the bottom. In other words, it will create a little bit of difficulty in getting consistent results when blending hard ingredients. However, you can get rid of this problem by pushing ingredients down to the blades. However, in a nutshell, it is a good choice for blending smoothies.

Key Features:

  • Performance: Most importantly, The 5-speed settings of The diamond blending system ensure that all the food blends efficiently and quickly.
  • Diamond Blending System: Alongside, this system makes a powerful vortex that is quick and renowned for unbelievable blending results.
  • Intelli-speed Motor Control: Importantly, Intelli-control automatically senses the content nature and adjusts the suitable speed to power through all the contents equally.
  • 5 speeds and Pulse Mode: Chop, Mix, Puree, Stir, or liquefy any things with this blender perfectly. In short, we can say that it is very versatile in nature. Furthermore, Pulse mode controls all the speeds for staggered and perfect blending.
  • Steel-Reinforced Coupler: also, It provides direct and efficient power transfer from the motor to the cutting blades for robust blending.
  • Soft Start Feature: Finally, the motor starts with a slower speed to pull ingredients towards the blade. After then, it starts to increase its speed quickly to the adjusted speed setting.
  • BPA-Free 60oz Pitcher: Additionally, The diamond Pitcher design is scratch, stain and shatter-free. Even more, you can also clean it very easily. Additionally, it is dishwasher safe.
  • Metal Base: Its die-cast heavy metal base is smooth and sturdy that works gracefully and smoothly even blending hard ingredients. Also, you can also clean it very easily due to the smooth touch surface.
  • Modes: Stir, puree, mix, chop and liquefy

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Now, let’s discuss its positive and negative aspects in a brief way.

  • Outstanding performance
  • Variable speed
  • Pulse control
  • Powerful motor
  • BPA-free Large pitcher
  • Electronic control
  • Direct power transfer
  • Heavy, sturdy and smooth base
  • An only single set of the blending blade

Product Technical Detail:

Brand Name KitchenAid
Product Dimensions 9 x 8.5 x 16.5 inches
jar Material Plastic (BPA-Free)
Item Weight 10 pounds
Control Panel Clean-Touch Control Panel with White LED Lights
Motor 600 watt
Special Features Diamond Blending System, Soft Start Feature, Steel-Reinforced Coupler, Intelli-speed motor control
Customer Reviews 4.3 out of 5 stars and 2319 customer rating
Best Seller Rank # 29 in Countertop Blenders

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Buying Guide – Best Blender For Smoothies

Now, let’s look at some of the important things you must keep in mind when buying the best smoothie blender. In short, a blender is the best among all, if it holds the following features or parameters.

  • Powerful and high-speed motor
  • Variable speeds and pulse action
  • Appropriate pitcher size according to your needs
  • High-quality plastic pitcher
  • Long time durability
  • Smooth, sturdy and heavy metal base
  • Digital controlling features
  • Ease of operation
  • Self-cleaning facility

To put it another way, only such a blender will blend smoothies perfectly that holds above-mentioned properties.


We hope that you feel more comfortable and confident now about your future selection. However, if you are still confused, we also tell you about our best choice.

According to our research team, the Magic Bullet Blender of NutriBullet is the best among all five.

Again hopefully, our article has shown you the right way for buying the best blender for smoothies. If you have found our article helpful, then please share this article with your friends on social media platforms.

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