Best Blender for Juicing

Best Blender for Juicing

Best blender for juicing are the ones which are versatile and productive. Furthermore, they are also necessary for maintaining a healthy life. Furthermore, they can chop, shred, grind and, even most importantly, juice as well. As everyone knows juicing is a great way to traditionally extract vitamins and minerals in the early morning food.

However, not all the juicer does the same thing for you, because they have not the same capability. Therefore, you just need to select the best among all for getting proper advantage instead of wasting your money.

So, in this article, we will discuss what are the best blenders? Furthermore, we will also review 5 five of the top quality blenders for juicing.

Best Blender for Juicing

The best blender is not only good for making drinks or smoothies. However, also make a lot of things easy for you in the kitchen. Anyway, the best blender offers a large jar, strong motor and strong blades. They are much more helper than ordinary blenders in making healthy and nutritious juices. Furthermore, they are a versatile, time-saving and a good companion for a healthy life as well.

1.Beeville Dual-Purpose Juicer and Blender- Best in Dual Purpose

Beeville is a well-loved and popular brand. Even they are well-known for durability and good performance. However, this juicer is a little bit expensive, still, you will find it worth your money.

Moreover, this juicer, in particular, has some wonderful and premium features to make your investment a productive feature. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing a good blender as a well-juicer.

Then this is the best choice for you. So without wasting any time, now discuss its important features. First of all, it has a super-strong and powerful 1200-watt motor. Secondly, it also has 5-speed settings just like Vitamix or any other important juicer. Even further, every setting delivers 1300rmp for fast processing. Importantly, you can apply these unique settings on both the blender as well as juicer attachments.

In short words, what is your benefit in the speed settings, definitely you will get efficiency and speed? Thirdly, it has hardened and sharp blades. To put into another explanation, it can handle almost every type of ingredient according to your needs. Henceforth, it maintains consistency from the first blend to the last one for making delicious and tasty juices.

Fourthly, as i said earlier, it performs dual functions of blending and juicing. In a nutshell, it is simple to disassemble, easy in use and user-friendly in cleaning.

Key Features:

Dual Nature:

It’s interchangeable base additionally provides you with a facility to attach blender or juicer attachments easily. In other words, you can take many benefits from a single machine.


In the same fashion, 3” wide chute processes whole vegetables and fruits without precutting. Therefore, you can enjoy the original taste of your food.

Hemisphere Technology:

Most importantly, this hemisphere technology of Bowl and blade holds the base of the jug tightly.

So, there is no opportunity for food traps.

Variable Speeds:
Additionally, 5 adjustable speeds deliver the best results for each appliance. It means you can create your own creation according to your needs.

Overload protection:

Its extra-large jug and wide base can occupy an easily large amount of ingredients. That is why we also call it the Overload protector.

Versatile in performance:

Lastly, the powerful motor and hardened blades enable it to blend or make juices of every type of ingredient.

Centrifugal Juicer:

It cuts and chops the ingredients on the base of Centrifugal principle to make juices. In other words, it attracts large ingredients towards the blade after every round.

In the aftermath of key features, now discuss its positive and negative aspects. So that you can find enough information for making your mind.


  • Easy to assemble
  • User-friendly
  • Strong and powerful motor
  • 5-speed options
  • Large Chute
  • Versatile in performance
  • Overload protection


  • Not for leafy greens

Product Technical Detail:

Brand Name: Beeville

Item model number: BJB840XL

Product Dimensions: 15.25 x 8 x 18 inches

Item Weight: 26 pounds

Color: Silver

Material: metal

Wattage: 1200 watts

Juicers size: 13¼” x 8¼” x 17

Best Sellers Rank: # 160 in Centrifugal Juicers

Indeed, it is the best companion for you in your kitchen. So, click on the link without wasting your time and money anymore.


  1. Juice man Electric Juicer- Best 3-in-1 Combo

You are at the right place if you are searching for a multi-process blender that saves your money and space. Because it is much more than a blender that can make juice only. Literally you will get 3 appliances in 1. Let’s discuss it completely. The first one is traditional juicer. Furthermore, an extractor that performs its duty is exactly the same as a juicer does. Even more, it has a stainless steel filter to make smooth and silky juice after separating the pulp from the juice.

Further, the second one is the Citrus Juicer. It is also excellent for limes, grapefruit, oranges and also for other citrus fruits. For the better results, the juicing cone additionally gives you the extra facility to extract juice from any size of citrus fruits. Thirdly, it’s blender along with a 4-tip blade of stainless steel is extremely effective and productive. Furthermore, it pulverizes fruits or vegetables to the right consistency as you want.

Further, the blender has a 24-oz jar for making fine shakes, purees, smoothies or baby food. Fourthly, it has a motor that holds enough power for juicing or blending all the ingredients completely. Fifthly, it has an anti-drip lip to maintain things neat and clean. Last but not least, it has a pulse feature for full control over the machine. In a nutshell, this juicer is extremely easy to use, easy to clean along with cleaning brush.

Key Features:

Juicing Cones:

The two juicing cones work beautifully for small and large citrus ingredients. Furthermore, the large cone works perfectly with grapefruits, oranges, and other large ingredients. In the same fashion, the small cone is an ideal choice for limes and lemons.

Auto-Reversing Technology:

This unique technology conveys reverse direction whenever you press down and extracts maximum juice from the ingredients.

Pressure-Activated Facility:

As soon as you press citrus onto the cone, the juicing process begins. It develops maximum pressure to extract the juice. So in a nutshell, it is quite easy.

Powerful motor:

The strong and powerful motor delivers enough power to quickly juice citrus.

Pulp Strainer:

Additionally, it provides you with useful pulp after completing the juicing process. Alongside the tasty juice, you can also use the pulp in bread as well as in other baked goods.

Now, discuss its pros and cons, so you can get the right information about why you should buy this product.


  • Dual purpose
  • Excellent juice extraction facility
  • Citrus juicer characteristics
  • Easy and fast to operate
  • Auto-reversing features
  • Useful for small and large ingredients
  • Extra pressure building facility
  • At affordable prices


  • Little bit noisy

Product Technical Detail:

Brand Name: Spectrum

Item model number: JCJ450

Product Dimensions: 6.3 x 6.45 x 10.75 inches

Accessories: Yes.

Colour: White/Gray.

Cord Storage: Yes.

Dishwasher Safe: Yes.

Material: Plastic/Chrome.

Pulp Basket: Yes.

Recipes: Yes.

Slip Resistant: Yes.

Speeds: 1.

Warranty: 2 Year Limited.

Wattage: 40.

Additional Features: Auto-Reversing, dishwasher safe parts, pressure-activated auto-start, cord wrap

Best Sellers Rank: # 9 in Citrus Juicers

Click on the link for the purpose of getting the best Citrus Juicer for your kitchen.


  1. COSTWAY 5-in-1 Blender and Juicer Combo

COSTWAY blender does not have a 2 or 3 in 1 but this combo juicer and the blender do all. In the same fashion, it processes everything perfectly, yet it also chops, grinds, and blends very well. Even further, it is one of the finest blender combo machines on the market. In short words, it can deal most of your needs single-handedly.

Furthermore, it comes along with a range of accessories to cope with almost all the kitchen preparation needs. In addition, it will shred, mix eggs, slice, cut meat, and also great on the dough. Also, it saves your maximum time because of having a mouth in a generous size of .75mm. Moreover, the machine has great safety features. It will stop if you overload it. While also it does not work if not rightly assembled. Moving further, it turns into parts easily. While also, it comes along with a cleaning brush to clean it perfectly.

Alongside, its parts are dishwasher safe. Apart from all, the cost way has an 800W motor along with 2 speeds choice depending upon your needs. To put into another explanation, it is fast as well as efficient. In a nutshell, this blender is really great space, money and time saver and also an asset in your kitchen.

Key Features:

Multi-purpose Use:
Most importantly, the cost way combo machine is different among simple food processor machines. Clearly, the above-mentioned functions along with stirring make it comparatively better among all. Briefly, it will allow you to make a variety of textures according to your own demands.

Multi-function Chopper:

Also, it’s chopper can easily be combined along with various accessories to perform different functions. Such as egg mixing, shredding, dough, meat cutting, and slicing. In the end, it can easily solve all your problems in your kitchen.

2-speeds setting:

It is available with a simple dial alongside two quiet, max extraction settings. Therefore, turn the dial to the low speed for soft fruits. Similarly, turn the dial to the high speeds for hard ingredients.

Nutritious and Simple:

Above all, the 75mm extra-wide feeder chute is the right choice for many fruits to be sliced or chopped. Furthermore, this chute extracts the whole fruits completely. Therefore, you will not find any oxidation, uneven mixing, and clogging.

Safety Protections:

Especially for the good results, it is designed beside particular protection functions. Such as, the juicer will not start unless all parts and the appliance have been rightly assembled. While also, the overload protection clearly shuts off the system if the machine is overloaded.

Easy to Clean:

Lastly, this blender is easy to use, clean, assemble and disassemble. All accessories are removable and dishwasher safe. Even further, non-removable parts can be cleaned rightly with the help of cleaning brush.


It gives a complete set of accessories for delivering perfect performances except for all its ultimate features. Anyway, it includes, juicer cover, stainless steel strainer, food pusher, juice jug, slag pot. Most importantly all are dishwasher safe and remove-able.

Let’s discuss its pros and cons in order to give you complete productive information about this blender.


  • Highly versatile
  • Multi-functions
  • Different speed settings
  • Safety protections
  • Wide mouth
  • Easy to clean
  • Complete set of accessories


  • A little heavy in price

Product Technical Detail:

Brand Name: cost way

Product Dimensions:12.5 x 8 x 15.5 inches

Item model number: 23537-CYPE

Net Weight: about 13 Lbs

Voltage: 120 V

Power: 800W

Colour: Black Silver

5-in-1 design: Juicer, Blender, Chopper, Grinder and Meat Grinder

Material: Plastic + Stainless Steel

Assemble: Required

Additional Features: 5-in-1 multi-purpose, safety protections, 2-speed settings, dishwasher safe and removable parts.

Best Sellers Rank: # 176 in Food Processors

Click on the link to get this kitchen friendly multi-purpose blender of you all time.


  1. Vitamix 5200 Blender

Containing special functions, this blender from Vitamix is one of the high-quality blenders for juicing. Due to the fact that blender comes with a 64-ounce container, it is possible to apply it with medium to big batches. Furthermore, the extent of management we were given with this blender changed into great.


Moreover, Vitamix 5200 also has some of the speed settings. And the speed of the blender can without difficulty be tuned to get the desired texture. Moving to further, the speed of the blade can also be changed. Easily you can change via dusk during blending at any point, making this the best blender for juicing veggies.


Most importantly, the blade on this blender uses excessive-grade chrome steel. That is why the blade turns the machine able to even handle the hardest and toughest of ingredients available. Subsequently, this blade remains steady for the duration of the mixing manner from start to finish.


Above all, the self-cleaning feature in this blender in no way fails to amaze us. Even, you just need to put a little amount of warm water alongside dish cleaning soap. Surprisingly, this blender cleans itself inside a minute or half.

Key Features:

Variable speed control:

A most important feature in this blender among all is speed adjustment. In short, easily adjust speed to achieve a variety of textures.

Rotary Dial:

The spinning dial can be adjusted at any point during processing. Henceforth, you can set your required speed under full control.

64-oz Jar:

The shape and size of the self-cleaning jar are perfect for juicing or blending medium to large batches.

Radial Cooling fan:

Thermal protection system along with the radial cooling fan provides safety to the machine from over-heating or burning during blending.

Hardened Stainless-Steel Blades:
Furthermore, the laser-cut and aircraft-grade stainless steel blades are built especially to handle every type of ingredient. In other words, you will get the same quality from the first blend to the last blend.

Self-cleaning Feature:
This feature is very interesting and time-saving among all the features. You only need to put a little amount of hot water and dish cleaning soap. After this, the machine cleans itself only in 1 minute. However, its parts are not dishwasher safe.

Precise Container Design:
Every single curve of the container is specially designed to attract ingredients back to the cutting blades. So, in the end, you will get smoother, faster blends-producing Vitamix Vortex.

Finally, it includes 64 Ounce container, motor base, Cord 6 ft., classic tamper, DVD, and helping guide for better results.

In the aftermath of key features, now we will discuss its positive and negative impacts after purchasing this device.


  • Easy to clean
  • Variable speed
  • Speed dial
  • Full control over the machine
  • User-friendly
  • Continuous use
  • Overheat protection
  • Self-cleaning feature


  • No dishwasher parts

Product Technical Detail:

Brand Name: Vitamix

Product Dimensions: 8.75 x 7.25 x 20.5 inches

Item model number: 001372

Item Weight:10.56 pounds

Color: Black

Material: Not Applicable

Blades material: Stainless Steel

Special Features: High-performance motor, self-cleaning, Controlling System, Different modes

Best Seller Rank: # Top 100 in Kitchen and Dining

Not to mention any more yet, indeed this is the most suitable blender among all. So, go and click on the link without wasting any time.


  1. Beeville BBL620 Fresh & Furious Blender, Silver

The Beeville Juice blender is well-known for being at the top of the list for juicing vegetables and fruits. Especially, it is also recognized through a ring on the top of the lid. Not only it distinct it from other blenders, but also it reduces much of the effort to remove the lid. Apart from it, the self-cleaning feature also raises its status almost equal to Vitamix 5200. In short, this blender is like the cherry on the top in its genre.

Let’s discuss why we call it as important and productive as the Vitamix. Henceforth, it’s first unique property is smooth and quiet start-of when powered. Secondly, blending or juicing contents in Beeville BBL620 is like a breeze.

So you can save yourself from unwanted noises if you are purchasing this quality blender. Thirdly, it’s stainless steel blades are quite sharp, sturdy and efficient. Furthermore, they are made especially for heavy use. Fourthly, speed adjustment facility also gives you free-hand to create your own creation according to the nature of the content.

Hence, both blades and speed adjustment help you a lot to obtain a variety of texture. That is why we can call it the best option not only for fruits but also for juicing vegetables. Fifthly, except for a beautiful design, Beeville also stands for durability and sturdiness. Therefore, on the one hand, it makes your kitchen beautiful, while on the other hand, it saves your money as well. Overall, it has a good blend of style and efficiency and productivity in performance.

Key Features:

Kinetics performance:

It’s even blending blades uniquely provides you with a kinetics performance. It means it combines the way of a powerful blender for convenience and versatility. Further, it chops and crushes to turn ice into snow, aerate and fold for creamy soups and smoothies.

Efficient and Quiet:

High torque motor and sharp even blades design produce efficient and quiet blending performance.

Heavy Duty blades:

Not only sharp blades produce high torque but their high-quality material delivers the same results from the first blend to the last one.

Timer and LCD display:

Both timer and LCD display provide additional control via showing digital counts up on speed adjustment. Furthermore, both work beautifully for pre-programmed settings. In short, their primary aim is to provide full-fledged control over the juicing and blending unit.

One-Touch Versatility:

The most important and productive feature among all is one-touch versatility. What it means is to get smooth and silky juice and smoothies by pressing a single button. Further, it can make smoothies, and ice crush in a super simple way via a pre-programmed button.

Lit ring:

Breville always keeps care of its customers. Its lid ring provides you with an easy pulling condition and saves your maximum energy. With the help of this ring, you can remove the lid easily yet fixed tight during processing.


Breville also holds an auto-cleaning feature except for one-touch versatility. You just need to put water and dish cleaning soap. After this, press the button and in no time it cleans itself.

Under such circumstances, it is also important to discuss its pros and cons.


  • Fresh and furious
  • High kinetic performance
  • One-touch versatility
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Auto-cleaning facility
  • Strong, sturdy and heavy bides
  • Digital display system
  • Smooth and sturdy base
  • Assistant lid ring


  • Not for hot soups

Product Technical Detail:

Brand Name: Breville

Item model number: BBL620SIL1AUS1

Product Dimensions: 7 x 8.5 x 17 inches

Item Weight: 1 pound

Colour: Silver

Capacity: :1.5 L

Material: Surgical grade serrated ice crushing blades, 50 oz Shatterproof Tritan jug (BPA free), Tight-fitting Breville Assist Lid

Additional Features: One-touch versatility, Pre-programmed Button, Auto-cleaning

Obviously, Breville is the best choice for your kitchen and for your healthy life. So click on the link before you waste your time and money anymore on ordinary products.




To conclude, attempt to set your rate point someplace in the middle. Further, If you have the price range, then go highly-priced and get high-quality. However, spending between $80 and $2 hundred should get you a totally reliable, and effective blender to your juicing wishes.


Under such circumstances, we have decided on the cost way 5-in-1 blender as our choice for the quality blender for juicing. It has the energy, the pedigree, and the perfect size to again up the fact that this blender is a first-rate juicer. A few brands offer greater full-size warranties or have greater wattage. But in relation to juicing, nothing comes near the Juice man Electric Juicer.



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