Best Blender Buying Guide 2024

Our product selection process for the Best Blender 2024

Literally, you can invest as little as $40 on a brand new blender- or we over $600. However, spending more usually means better results and particularly more versatility. But, still there are few exceptions, as sometimes high-prices blenders that literally crack under the pressure of identifying tests.

While, in contrast to earlier, cheap blenders exceeded expectations. Finally, this buying guide will help you to find the best blender overall.

Primary factors you should consider before making a final buying decision:

Certainly, we have collected essential suggestions to make the selection process easy for you after productive research.

  • Make a listing of your haves in a blender
  • Choose a popular brand for satisfaction
  • Study the maximum reviews to get more information
  • Observe minutely customer ratings
  • Make a comparison among all the brands to find the first-class one
  • Get the surety that the blender you select is eco-friendly and returnable in presence of any shortcomings.
  • Remember your working space also during selection.

We are hoping positively that those points help you a lot in locating the first-class blender ahead of you all time. Moreover, Read the upcoming parameters carefully because they will lead to the best blender.


Important Parameters to consider before making a buying decision:

To emphasize, below are some important factors that you should keep in mind when observing for a brand new blender.

1. Working Space

A clear fact that traditional blenders are bulkier than immersion and private blenders. The tallest that we have seen was 20.5 inches. And, they provide extra power and volume. However, they cannot fit under your top cabinet. In a nutshell, you may need to save it on an open island or a phase of a counter without shelves above.

On the other hand, personal blenders do not take large areas since they are shorter. Usually approximately thirteen to 16 inches tall. So, always keep in mind about the working space before or during the buying of a professional blender.

2. Power

Generally, blenders with powerful motors like the Vitamix 5200 work faster and give fine blended results. Such as blenders with efficient motors of 1500 watts and of at least 2-3 HP can totally crush ice into snow easily. Even further, you can also make hard nuts into smooth nut butters. Also, they are versatile in working due to strong power.

They even turn grains or hard ingredients into a powder. Moreover, they can also produce heat due to the fast speed of laser-cut blades. In other words, you can also make hot soups very easily. On the other hand, Mid-powered machines are ideal for lighter tasks such as pureeing cooked vegetables and smoothies.

The most important point to know, blenders having less power than 600 watts are not suitable for crushing ice. In a nutshell, power is also an important factor to keep in mind during purchasing a blender. In such conditions, I would like to suggest Cleanblend Blender that has 1800 watts’ facility.

3. Speed

Usually, blenders have a couple of speeds for the reason that they’re designed for multitasking. While, private blenders have one pace, option to pulse, or perform continuously.

Some blenders come with extra presets, which are combinations of precise times and speeds. They are designed for obligations consisting of ice crushing, soup pureeing, or making a serving of smoothies. The KitchenAid KSB Blender- Best in Countertop comparatively has effective speed in this list. In a nutshell, the purpose of asking is that preset settings, variable speeds, speed control, and dial are important things.

4. Cleaning Ease

Mostly, blenders can clean themselves pretty effectively. For that purpose, pour a little water and a bit of dish soap in the pitcher and run at a high pace. The system will clean the blade and the inside of the field without a problem. Above all, the Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender is the best in a self-cleaning manner.

As with private blenders, or those designs that do not certainly have self-cleaning facilities, are commonly dishwasher-safe. Rather, you could wash them by way of hand; however, you must be careful around the blade set(s). I usually recommend a blender that has a self-cleaning feature, because it is time-saving.

5. Pitcher (Jar)

Blender pitchers are typically fabricated from glass and plastic. However, Glass jars, usually, are cheaper and pretty decent. Also, they are dishwasher-safe and easily well suited with both cold and warm ingredients. However, Low-quality and thin glass shatter easily. Not only do they become the reason for the loss, but they also become risky for users. While on the other hand, thick glasses are heavy in weight and difficulty in use as well.

Many manufacturers pick to go together with high-quality plastics instead. Because they are in fact safer, lighter, and extra-long lasting. Though they are expensive in price, they are also user-friendly as well as dishwasher friendly. In the same fashion, Blendtec 575 classic is the best choice due to having a BPA-free plastic jar.


We hope this buying guide will clear your all confusions and problems in a good way.

However, If you are still confused and have questions in your mind regarding the best blender of 2024. Then at this time, we will still not leave you alone.

To clear your general questions, leave your comments below and one of our blender expert will answer your queries promptly. 🙂

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